Do you want more visibility over your SEO? DataHub simplifies Search Engine Optimisation whilst simultaneously visualising traffic, ranking position & backlink data.

SEO, simplified.

Access to DataHub is standard with all SEO Plans from Click Acquisition.

Access your dashboard from any device, and gain full transparency on the progress that is being made with your SEO. Daily on-page reports, technical tasks, rank tracking and competitor reporting are all included on our standard plan.

Step 1: SEO Strategy

DataHub gives you step-by-step instructions to create an SEO strategy bespoke to your business and products or services.

Step 2: Complete SEO Actions

DataHub’s Action Engine will outline SEO tasks to complete, based on the strategy you decide on in Step 1. The instructions are simple and easy to understand and will deliver fantastic SEO results.

Step 3: Track your SEO progress

With DataHub’s tracking systems, you can measure how your actions have effected rankings and traffic over time. You can also track competitor progress.

 DataHub gives you the advantage.

Intelligent insights.

Make informed strategic decisions based on marketing insights provided via  DataHub’s easy to navigate dashboard. The DataHub is available to all Click Acquisition customers.

Website Design doesn’t have to be expensive.

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